Window Projector

Projects on any reflective surface

How it works

With Holiday Showhome 300 Ultimate Light String, just download the free and easy-to-use Holiday Showhome APP, create your desired light effect or choose from several pre-set seasonal programs and watch as brilliant light shows unfold.

Point your Showlights window projector towards any reflective surface to get the best possible results out of your Showlights Window Projector.

Voice Control

Bind 300 Ultimate Light string to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice devices, and when they are connected successfully, you can control your 300 Ultimate Light strings by voice.

Window Projector

Projects on any reflective surface

10 Amazing Shows for Halloween, Christmas and New Years.

Jacko' lanterns

Creepy Skulls

Stylized Snowflakes




Through the wall


Zombie Ghosts

Snowfall Realistic

Remote Controlled

Easily control your light shows.