Having any trouble with setting up your products, read through these handy trouble shooting questions. If you cant find the answer you are looking for feel free to contact us. 

Q: My App can't connect with the devices

A: Connectivity issues mainly occur because of a week bluetooth signal.

Try these steps and see if they help the connection.

1.Shorten the distance between your phone and the product.

2.Turn off bluetooth functionality on your phone, and turn back on it again, Try recconnect the App with device again.

3.If the Above to options fail, then try cutting the power supply, take the plug out of the socket. Once clear for a few second place the plug back in to the socket and turn the power back on. Try recconnect the App with device again.

Q: App can connect with devices, but there are no product numbers displaying on the App, or product numbers are visible, but App cannot connect and control the products.


1. This could be because of a bad connection to the power supply. Cut the power suppl, unplug. Re insert the plug into the socket and turn the power on again.

2.If the present password is different between the products and App, then reset the products ( to do this, cut the power supply and plug into a socket, repeat this for 3 times quickly)

3.If the above options fail, then exit the App close it down completely then turn the App back on again.

Q: If the product numbers visible are more than the actual actual products.


1.The App may likely be connecting with nearby products,
try setting a password for the products.

Q: If products change their mode without being controlled.


This could be because of a nearby neighbor using the App, you need to set a  password for the products.