C9 Lights

Time your light shows, keep your holiday seasons effortless with this hand feature.

Set up your ShowHome products in seconds with our quick connect technology.

Program your light shows for a more customized holiday experience.

Whether its Christmas or Halloween, use these C9 Lights to enhance that holiday feeling.

Each product pack comes with a strig of 24 lights.

Sync Multiple Sets with Bluetooth mesh

Exclusively available at the Home Depot – Coming this holiday season 2019

How it works

With the ShowHome’s C9 lights, you don’t need to worry about unnecessary wires, plug your device in, turn on the ShowHome App and watch as the brilliant light shows unfold. Clean simple and smart.

Sync multiple sets.

With Showhome C9 Lights there are no unnecessary wires. Just string your lights, download the free easy to use Holiday Showhome App, create your desired light effect or choose from several pre-set seasonal programs and watch as brilliant light shows unfold.

Product Gallery

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Quick Connect with Bluetooth mesh

Using the new faster Bluetooth Mesh technology, the Holiday Showhome App is the most advanced way to easily and quickly connect and control your Holiday Showhome lights and outdoor décor. Take your holiday light shows to an exciting new level with a variety of Holiday Showhome products and the easy to use App.
Note* Smart devices must be compatible with Bluetooth 4.0

Download the Showhome App

Plugin you C9 Lights

Open the App and start your light show.